3 Tips To Help You Blend Into Your New Community

If you have moved previously before into a new neighborhood where you know no-one, I’m sure that you can agree with me that it can be a daunting experience. Sometimes you get that feeling in your gut where you feel as if everyone is watching you like a hawk because you are the new “fresh blood” in town. Its normal to feel like that, we’ve all experienced similair feelings too.

Blending into a new neighborhood can sometimes be a uneasy task, usually one of the best ways to “blend in”, is by introducing yourself to your neighbors in the area. This way you can find out some amazing information about the area and you can meet some amazing people along the way.

To explore more about your new neighbourhood, there are other alternatives to take, which can give you some additional information about the area. Lets take a closer look at some ways how you can become apart of the community:

Maps of the area

As a family write down a list of the key interests which you and your family enjoy doing. Afterwards, get a map of the local area and surrounding areas. If you find a location which offers one of the interests, mark it on the map.

Once complete, gather your family around and take a day trip to all the locations to see what the facilities look like. Use the oppurtunity to also drive around the areas, to see where the local doctors rooms, hospitals and schools are.


If you are a parent, consider enrolling your children at a local sports club. This will enable your child to meet children his/her age and to make some new friends. Whilst your child/ren is participating in practice or a match/event, go with to spectate. This is a great way to introduce yourself to people of the community. The club members will always be willing to invite you to events with them. For yourself, if you are a avid sportsmen, do the same thing for your child, enroll yourself at a club, its a great way to meet people.

Community Newspapers

If your area receives weekly community newspapers, use these moments to your advantage. Read the latest news about the area, see what community events are taking place. Keep a eye out for any upcoming events in your area, use it as a means to meet new people.

We came across this amazing checklist recently, try it out:

  1. Unless you have a Internet Dongle for you to use mobile internet, make sure to get internet. Either get it for your home, or visit a local internet cafe.
  2. Research all the local shops,restaurants,medical facilities, schools and etc in your neighborhood. Fortuanatly, using internet access you can use Google Maps, which is a amazing tool to have.
  3. As mentioned in the blog, gather local community based newspapers, also subscribe to local magazines.
  4. Sign up at a local gym, or recreational club.
  5. Explore the area