5 Common Rules Of Home Staging

One of the most important tasks, home owners need to face is selling their current home, before they are able to move out. The process can either go very quickly, and sometimes there are those cases where selling your home can take a while, either depending on the current market or how you stage your home, both these factors can play a major role in selling your home.

Yes, there are tons of sights on the internet these days which offer some amazing tips and tricks to making your home stand out above the rest, but today, we are going back to basics, 5 simple rules, which can help you sell your home.

1. Attend to areas needing fixing

Presentation is key, when staging. If you are aware of areas in or around your home which need repairing or replacing, now is the time to attend to them. Do not try to hide these areas, rather spend some cash and fix it.

A home buyer has never been to your home before, they will notice things alot quicker than you.

2. Clean your home

Would you be impressed if you had to walk into a home that is still dirty? Of course not.

Prior to any home buyers arriving to see your home, make sure to dedicate take the time to thoroughly clean your home. If you need to asks friends/family to assist you, this would be ideal, alternatively, you can hire a cleaning service.

3. De-Personalize 

Whilst you are cleaning and remodeling your home for staging, make sure that you removal all personal items from sight, items such as:

  • Family photo’s
  • Religious items
  • Children’s artwork

The home buyer is not there to say how you and your family live on a daily basis, they are there to primarily see your home. By seeing all your personal items, it takes away that moment where they can envision themselves living in your home.

4. Removal Clutter

If you look at the majority of homes, you will notice there is clutter in all homes. Items of sentimental values, previous vacations, artworks and etc.

Before you stage your home, try to make your home look spacious, remove all the clutter and personal items from all areas of your home. You need to think like one of those home magazines, make the rooms stand out.

5. Colour

Did you know, that by simply using neutral colors around your home, it can contribute to selling your home quicker?

Using other colors beside neutral colors can make a big impact towards the selling of your home, it can surprisingly turn a home buyer off your home very quickly. Rather go the safe route, and use neutral colors around your home.