8 Week Moving Checklist

Moving, is a journey alot of us will experience at least once in our lifetime. A experience which will become a memory that you will remember forever and ever.

Are you ready for your removal? Before all the chaos begins with your removal, we have a 8 week checklist to share with you, you will notice during the next 8 weeks, how time will fly. To help, follow this basic guide to help you keep progress of what tasks need to be done prior to removal date.

8 Weeks Prior

  • Begin planning your removal.
  • Set a goal date which you would prefer to be moving on.
  • If you are planning on moving long distance, make sure to start planning accommodation and travel arrangements now, so that you can have assurance you will have a place to stay at whilst you wait for the removals company to arrive. As a precaution, keep a week available, as some deliveries can take up to a week to deliver.
  • Communicate with your boss that you are planning to move, this will also give your boss and colleagues enough time to prepare what is needed once you have left.
  • Begin creating a budget, which will cover costs such as supplies, travel and accomodation, removal.

7 Weeks Prior

  • Start going through all your belongings and items, and write up a list, or put aside items which you won’t want to take with you. These can be anything, from items which are broken, to items which can be re-used. If you come across items which can be used again, consider donating them to a local charity, or to friends and family or even selling them.
  • Once you have identified going through items you won’t be taking with on your move, begin creating a inventory list. Its important that you have a inventory list of all your items, so that the removal company can offer you a more accurate quotation.
  • A great way to to write up a well detailed list, is to categorize your list by room. If you come across items which may need bubble wrapping, include the minor detail on the list.

6 Weeks Prior

  • Now is the perfect time to begin packing your items, before you can start you will need to obtain moving supplies. There are 2 alternatives, if you are willing to spend, there are many stores out there which you can buy boxes and bubble wrap from. Alternatively, visit your local stores and supermarkets, they are always willing to share the boxes with you. You will need, to purchase some packing tape, make sure its proper packing tape, as there are imitations out there which aren’t as durable as other brands.
  • If you have already secured a new home, go visit the place. Draw up a rough plan, how you are wanting to place all your items in your new home. During this time, also take not if there are any access restrictions, as some complexes and estates, will only allow a 3/8 ton truck to access. If you are going to be in a flat, make sure to also record if there are staircases to access your home. Minor details are highly important.

5 Weeks Prior

  • You can do this task, 5 or 4 weeks prior to your removal, whichever you feel best doing. Now that you’re inventory list is ready, begin searching for removal companies to assist your removal. Make sure that you visit the companies websites, visit sites which allow you to see if there are any complaints or compliments of services. Write a list of 4-6 companies, which you show interest in.
  • Now that you have your list, contact each of the companies, and get quotes. They will ask you to forward them your inventory list, and there after quote you.
  • Once you have enough quotes, don’t always go for the most cheapest or expensive, compare the quotes thoroughly.
  • Whilst contacting them, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Now that you have quotes to compare, it will allow you to create a suitable budget for your removal. Now is the perfect time to make the booking for your removal.

4 Weeks Prior

  • IF you haven’t made a booking yet with a removal company, make sure to do it at least 4 weeks prior, make sure to also set a date.
  • Start contacting any companies which you have subscriptions to (Magazines, Newspapers and etc), and update your new details. As the update can take a few weeks to change on the system.
  • Don’t forget to also contact your local utility institutions (Banks, municipality, telephone, insurance), and advise them you are moving.
  • Visit your dentist, doctor, vet, schools. Make sure to obtain any records, which you can take with you to your new area. Don’t forget to ask them for any recommendations of practitioners which you can visit.

3 Weeks Prior

  •  Begin packing your valuable items such as paintings, mirrors, pictures and antiques. Don’t use newspaper, as this can easily mark the items, rather use bubble wrap.
  • Should you struggle with this task, you can always ask the removal team to do the wrapping for you, this you will need to advise the removal company again, as they will charge you additionally though.
  • Whilst you are packing, put aside hazardous, flammable, corrosive or even explosive items. As the removal company will refuse to all these items on the truck.

2 Weeks Prior

Crunch time is just around the corner, are you ready? You may notice how things start to become a little more chaotic and rush for time.

  •  Should you have enough time, take a day or 2 and visit the location where you are moving to. If you are unable, do not worry as using the internet is a alternate option. Research the local area, find out where all the shops, recreational facilities are and what the area offers.
  • Familiarize yourself with your new area as much as you can.
  • If you are needing any help from friends or family on moving day, organize with them now, prior to the day.
  • Although you still have some time, consider organizing a farewell event. Before the “storm” approaches, have your farewell event now, this will give enough time for all your friends and family to say goodbye.
  • Do a thorough check  again on the access to your residence, should there be restrictions, make sure to communicate this with the removal company so that they can make the required arrangements.
  • If you come across items you forgot to include on the list, communicate with the removal companies of these items, as you don’t want to be confronted with additional costs.

The Last 7 Days

Its usually the last 7 days, where you will find how things can go from calm to crazy very quickly.

  • Contact your removal company, and confirm with them if everything is still in order. If they have scheduled a driver, ask for the drivers details. This will allow you to have direct communication with him, to find out his whereabouts and times and etc.
  • Make sure to follow the weather reports for the week ahead, especially if your area has rain during the time of year of your removal, as you will need to make arrangements to protect your home from the rain.
  • 4 Days prior, make sure to pack a extra suitcase which you will need to take with you. Pack all the essentials, you and your family will need (Toiletries, medication, ID’s, wallets)
  • 1-2 Days prior, make sure to defrost your fridge/freezer, pack all the non perishable items, all the left over items, give them away to friends or family. Make sure to air out the dishwasher, tumble drier, washing machine.
  • Do a thorough check on the house to make sure everything is ready and packed for your removal.