A How-To-Guide: Unpacking Safely

During any move that occurs, a common sight is watching how people end up wearing themselves out physically and mentally after moving day, forgetting that they will still need to repeat the same process once the removals van arrives at their new home. The move ain’t over till the truck is empty and your last item has been unpacked, a common point which the majority of us are guilty of forgetting.

A bonus to the clients is that once the truck has collected all the clients items, it gives them a few hours or days, to relax and de-stress whilst the truck is transporting the items. Use this time to enjoy the pleasure of your new surroundings, relax take it easy.

When the day arrives for delivery, its important that you try to avoid over doing tasks, we fully agree and understand how you want everything to be unpacked the moment it arrives, but this adds the potential to injuries occurring very easily.

To help you, we have some tips to share, how you can experience a safe “Unpacking” experience, without having to stress about any injuries.

1. Pace Yourself

Once the truck has arrived, and all your items are offloaded.

Use this moment to assess all the items loaded and of course the space in your new home. Imagine you are in a endurance race, its not about speed, but its about pacing yourself to endure the challenge ahead.

Do some stretches, keep hydrated and most importantly, work as a team.

2. Don’t Be “Matcho”

Gentleman and Ladies, don’t try to show off by carrying as much heavier stuff as you can handle, you will get yourself hurt physically and your ego will get hurt too. If, a item is too heavy for you to handle alone, ask for assistance. Trust us, it will help alot, and at least you know the item won’t get damaged.

3. Use The Correct Tools For The Job

If you are planning to take several items at once, consider hiring or purchasing a dolly. These are the best to use for moving several items at once, and you can look like a pro doing so.


Treat Yourself

After a hard days of work for you and your family/friends,spend some time and money on yourself/selves by spending the day at the SPA, beach, wherever you enjoy treating yourself. After all, moving is tough work.