Basic Moving Tips

Moving is defiently a experience which no one should take lightly, it requires alot of planning and organizing, and most importantly it will require teamwork to be prepared the day before your move.

There have been some cases where people will only prepare all their items a day before their removal, which is not recommendable as anything can happen from that moment to the moment the truck arrives, which is advisable to be prepared 100%. To assist you we will be highlighting some key areas which you need to take note of.

1. Organization

  • Create a inventory of each room. Before you have send through a inventory of items to the removal companies, its recommended that you do a inventory of each room. Categorizing which items may need extra wrapping or packing. This will give the consultant from the removal company a brief idea on what to quote you.

2. Searching For A Removal Company

  • Before you go ahead and pick a removal company, take some time to research the removal comapny, use the interent and search their sites. If you are feeling uneasy about a company, visit sites where you can view previous complaints or compliments from customers who have used their services.
  • Compare a few quotes before you decide to go ahead with using a removal company. Choose a company who you feel is quoting you with a price which is suitable for your budget.
  • Between 6 and 10 removal companies you should recieve quotes from, this will allow you to compare the prices and services on offer.

3. Packing

  •  Firstly, make sure that you pack a extra suitcase with you, especially if you are doing a long distance move. There have been cases where some people don’t do this, only to find that their moving truck is delayed. As a precaution, if you are expected to move into your new location over a weekend, pack items which you can wear over the weekend, additionally pack some extra clothing items in case the truck is delayed by a few days, so that you will be able to go to work looking professional. Don’t forget to pack medical supplies.
  • Make sure that when you are packing your home, don’t do all rooms at the same time, rather work as a team and focus on working room by room, this will allow the work load to be organized and the process will be quicker.
  • To save yourself some luggage space, use your towels, linen and t-shirts when packing any fragile items, they act as bubble wrap.
  • When taping your boxes, make sure that you are using a tape which is designated for this purpose, and make sure that when you are taping you are doing it correctly, you wouldn’t want anything falling from the bottom do you?
  • When packing wiring, colour code each wire/cable so that you can identify which cable goes where.
  • Don’t “throw” items into a box, take care with all your items when packing.
  • Once all your items are packed and ready for collection, begin the process of marking all your boxes. If the box contains fragile items, make sure to write in big “FRAGILE” on the side of the box. To prevent confusion as to which box goes where, number each box with a marker, and then write on the list where each box goes where with the box number.

4. Who Should You Advise?

  • At least 2 weeks before the day of your move begin calling companies whom you have subscriptions/agreements with, to update all your new residential details. As this is a process which may take longer than a week to update on their databases.
  • Inform all your family and friends that you are moving, inform them when and where you are going. Using the social media to broadcast the area where you going is a massive advantage to spread the news.
  • If you do have pets, visit your vet and ask them for vet records, and even better ask them for a recommended veterinarian in the area. Do so the same with your doctor, speak to him or her about a recommended doctor you should see.

5. Moving Day

  •  Be prepared for when the day of moving arrives, chaos begins. Things can go wrong very quickly, so make sure that you are ready to expect anything. When things get too stressful for you, take a breather and try make the best out of the process.
  • Have something prepared to eat and drink. During your move, everyone will get tired and thirsty, so why not go to the local store and buy some juice and food to offer to you and your family, and the removal team. They are always appreciative when offered something to eat, it improves morale.
  • Make sure that you save the removal companies number and the truck drivers number on your cellphone in case anything happens.
  • Always be present around your home, in case the driver will need to ask you any additional questions.

Always keep in mind that during a move, anything can happen at a split seconds notice, its important that you are ready for your move.