Common Mistakes To Avoid In The Moving Process

Moving is and will always be regarded as one of the most stressful tasks to master in a adults like. There are occasions where a move goes very smoothly, yet there are also unfortunately those who experience a move which goes wrong in several unexpected ways. This is very common to hear happening globally.

To assist you to experience a less stressful move, we will be providing you with some of the most common mistakes people have made during the moving process. Although there is a risk of something going wrong, avoiding these mistakes will give you a upper hand in preventing anything going wrong with the move and your items:

1. Time Of Year

A common mistake which occurs, is people tend to forget that the most popular season to move in South Africa is during the months of October till January, it is the best time of the year though obviously because of the weather and holiday season. If you are planning to schedule a move during the end of year, make sure that you give yourself a buffer of at least 3 months prior to the month you are planning to move.

Remember once you have made a future booking with a removal company, at least you can now focus on other important areas of your move.

2. Trying To Move Yourself

Especially with the rising of fuel cost these days, some do resort to rather hiring a trailer or a van to do the removal themselves. Yes, you can cover the move in a time span which suits you, but commonly people forget. It can actually turn out to be more costly, opposed to hiring a removal company.

The risks of your items getting damaged are higher, you would be held liable too for any damages done. Rather choose the route of hiring a removal company, especially if you are moving long distances. Your items will be protected from the weather whilst in transit, and by taking the insurance removal companies offer, your goods will be covered.

3. Not Researching Various Companies

Whilst you are searching for a reliable removal company to do your removal, make sure to research a few companies, at least 5-10. Doing so you can compare the different quotes and identify a removal company which is offering you a price in your budget.

Some companies will charge you a cheap rate whilst others will charge you a rather expensive rate, its important that you choose a company which covers your expectations.

Research each and every company as well, to see what they offer, and previous clients comments.

4. Fragile Items

There have been cases of people packing valuable items in boxes, only to find them broken whilst they were in transit. On other cases, there have been situations where they don’t pack the fragile items correctly and it breaks.

Before you begin packing, assess the valuable items, if they are small enough to be carried in your suitcase, DO IT! Rather be wise and keep the valuables with you during transit.

If you pack valuable items such as a piano for example, discuss it with the agent at the removal company when making a booking. Although there may be a additional charge, rather spend some extra cash to know that the piano will be loaded with extra care.

5. Moving Insurance

Don’t make the mistake of not taking out any insurance for your goods whilst they are in transit, if something is broken whist the item is being loaded, or in transit, you will be held liable for your own damages. Some will take the alternative method of speaking to their insurance company for coverage, whilst others will pay the extra through the removal company to cover their goods.

There are 2 common insurance types which removal companies offer:

  • In – Transit Insurance – this form of insurance covers the clients goods in case of any event such as fire, collisions or overturning whilst the goods are in transit.
  • All Risk Insurance – you will end up paying more, but this covers all your items for any damage done whatsoever.

6. Survival Kit

This literally is one of the biggest mistakes alot of people have made in the past. During the packing process, make sure that you pack a extra suitcase which will cover you in case something goes wrong. There may be a delay of the removal truck, causing you to sleep a extra night in the same clothing you are in.

Pack a suitcase with the following:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Necessary medications
  • ID Documents and Wallet
  • Extra Clothes
  • Toiletries (Keep it to the minimal, only take the necessity toiletries you will need.
  • Toilet roll (Just In Case)

7. Inventory

Your inventory you give to the removal company to receive a quote will determine what they will be quoting you on. Make sure that you have taken note of all your items before you forward your inventory to them. If you are feeling skeptical about your inventory, you can always ask the removal company to forward you one of their inventories which is very easy to use, alternatively enquire with the agent if they offer the service of having a staff member visiting your premises to give you a on site quotation.

If you forget to load a item/s on your inventory, the removal company will charge you additional costs for the space occupied in the trailer.