Handy Guide To Moving Appliances

There are many items on ones inventory which are labelled as fragile, heavy and etc. But have you thought about how fragile your appliances area? Yes, they may be large, but you still need to handle them with care, especially when loading them onto a truck, and then of course offloading them again.

To help you, we have gathered some handy tips to share with you, how you can take some care with these large items:

1. Fridge

In regards to your fridge or freezer, you don’t want to make a stupid mistake by not defrosting your fridge/freezer. At least a day or 2 prior to your removal, its important that you

  • a) Empty all the items out of your fridge,
  • b) All items which can expire quickly, make sure to dispose them by means of giving them to someone who will use them before it reaches its expiry date.
  • c) Most importantly, defrost the freezer or fridge unit.

Once these simple steps are followed, be sure to also clear out all the shelves to avoid breakages, and make sure that you secure all the doors.

2. Washing Machine and Tumble Drier

With the washing machine, before you move it, make sure that its empty from clothing, and don’t forget to disconnect the water supply correctly and the power plug. Do plan to read the users manual, so that you can secure the drum. Once the machine has been disconnected, do not forget to also drain out all the water, you don’t want anything damaged do you?

The tumble drier is a very simple and easy task, obviously make sure that no clothing is left behind. Additionally disconnect all vents and plugs, leave it to air out. That easy!

3. Dishwasher

Besides  the washing machine, fridge and freezer, this is one appliance on the list to make sure that all water is drained out before being loaded.

At least 24 hours prior, do make sure that you do not run the machine, you need to allow it to drain and air out correctly. Make sure that all taps and valves are disconnected correctly, make sure that all rails are secure. Make sure that all hoses are either stored in the dishwasher or a bag . Securely close the door.

Its simple steps such as these, which you should follow when moving appliances. Most importantly, be sure that you have the users manual on standby.