Here is the “HOW TO” for packing your electronic devices – TAKE A LOOK!

Packing electronics

Numerous people do not have the slightest idea of how they should pack their electronics – NOT TO WORRY, WE CAN HELP YOU OUT!


It is quite simple, really! Just follow these few easy steps provided below & you will be smiling all the way through your moving process!


Let’s get STARTED!

Moving tape is essential when packing boxes.


»  Before starting to pack, reinforce the bottom of the box/-es that you will be using with moving tape.


» Try using the original boxes/packaging your devices came in, as far as possible.



Use boxes specifically ordained to pack electron devices.


» If you no longer have the original boxes, a great alternative would be to use heavy duty/sturdy boxes. An example would be double wall, or “china” boxes as some call it.





Stuff your boxes with paper towels.

» Pack the bottom of the box/-es with paper or towels to ensure that it is shock-absorbent.

» Smaller electronics can be wrapped in paper/towels, while larger electronics can be placed in the box/-es as it is. Keep in mind however, that it should be padded on the sides & top to separate it from other pieces.

» Fill up the box/-es to the top to prevent any items from shifting to & fro during your move.


That’s it! No hassles, frets or worries at all!