How To Move Your Computer Guide

Computers, one of the greatest inventions to date. Although there are debates going around as to who was the original inventor, we all need to thank that person. If a computer wasn’t created no one would be reading this blog right now. Instead we would all be reading a good old fashioned newspaper.

These days, computers literally run everything these days. For home users or even office users, there comes the moment of relocation. Those who own a laptop are the most fortunate, as it doesn’t require a complicated process to transport. But those who have a desktop computer, this blog is just for you. I am going to share with you, some basic pointers to help you move, most importantly they teach how to do it safely. Let us begin.

Make Sure That All Important Files Are Backed Up

Gone are the 80’s and 90’s where to transfer data was all done on a stiffy or floppy disks, that literally could be damaged very easily. These days we are very fortuanate to have access to using flash disks.

Before you pack up your computer for your removal, do make sure that you back up all important data. If you don’t , and something happens to your computer, that data is gone forever. A nice alternative is to also use a program called Dropbox. A great program which will allow you to access all your information anywhere.

Insure Your Computer

If you are relying on others to move your computer for you, I would strongly recxommend that you have your computer insured. Advisably, the day you get your computer, rather get it insured at that moment, because at least you know you won’t have to stress about all those calls to get it added onto your list of items insured. Anything can happen on a moving day, play it safe and make sure that all your valuables are insured.

Labeling and Packing

Before you disconnect any plugs from your computer, do make sure that you label wires and plugs, before packing them in a packet or box to prevent any confusion.

A handy tip, coming from us, before you disconnect anything, be wise and turn your computer off to avoid any serious injuries.

Once you have packed the computer, do not forget to label the box, and include “Fragile” on the box.