How To Prevent Falling For A Moving Scam

Its so scary and sad to say this, but there are many companies worldwide out there to scam innocent clients of all their money. Using simple tactics that you and I can easily fall for. One industry that does get effected alot if the moving industry, there are companies out there that are scamming.

To help you, we have some valuable tips to share with you, how you can prevent yourself from becoming a statistic.

Research The Company

Most removal companies in South Africa, are all registered with PMA, Professional Movers Association. By agreeing to what PMA stands for, removal companies will abide to giving clients 100% service that is true to its word, and has no hidden agendas.

Whilst looking for removal companies, make sure to visit the removal companies website, PMA website and other sites which allow you to see the complaint / compliment ratio of service clients before you have received.

Get Various Estimates

Moving is a big decision to make, before you decide to go with the first removal company because they are offering a cheap rate. Stop, rather approach a few companies at once, so that you can compare and find a rate which you feel comfortable paying for.

Read The Agreement Between You And The Company

Before you make any agreements with any removal company, enquire with the agents to send you the companies terms and conditions. Make sure that the agreement states the services you will be receiving, and what additional cost could possibly be involved. If the company is hesitant to give you information as per your request, immediately stop what you doing and find another company.

Ask Questions

If you have any worries, or concerns about the removals services, ask them questions. Use forums to also enquire about the removal company. Before calling any removal company, write a list of questions you wish to ask, and ask them directly.