Important Places To Find In Your New Area

If you and your family are in a position of having to relocate to a new area which you all are unfamiliar with, you’re not alone. Daily, there are families around the globe who are in the exact same dilemma as you and your family are.

Yes, for a while you and your family will feel like a “alien” to the new area, but its opportunities such as these where you are able to start afresh. Its a exciting new adventure for you and for your family,but before your new life adventure begins, there is akey element which you and your family should do, and that task is finding local places where you will need to go on a regular basis, important places such as:

  • Health Facilities: Even before you move into your new home, speak to your local practitioners and find out from them if they are able to recommend any good doctors, dentists and etc for you and your family. Your families health is priority, make sure to find the local dentist, doctors, hospitals. If your GP is unable to recommend, luckily we all have internet these days, research the local practices.
  • Petrol Station: Its a simple equation, without petrol, your vehicle is going nowhere. During your free time, before your life gets back on track, drive around the area and identify all the local garage stations.
  • Supermarkets: As we have mentioned in the previous point, without food, how will we survive? Its important that you find a store which caters for you and your families dietary needs, and importantly, is not that far from your home.
  • Vets: Exactly like you and I, if you have pets, there may come a time where they either get ill or injured. As we mentioned in the first point, speak to your local veterinarian, and ask for any recommendations for you and your family to see for your pets needs. A important note, before you do leave, ask the veterinarian to either give you your pets file, or once you have found a local vet, ask your previous veterinarian to forward all your pets history/files to them.
  • Schools: There is a debate that is going on with some parents with this point, some parents will prefer that they research and enroll their child into a school in the area before they move in to the area. Whilst other parents will only enroll their children once they have moved into the new area. The decision is up to you, but either way if you have or haven’t enrolled your child. Take your family on a little tour of the school, so that your family can see where their new school adventure begins.
  • New Workplace: If you were required to move for a work transfer, use the days off to visit your new workplace. Use the time to introduce yourself toy your new management and colleagues. Before the big day arises.

At the end of the day, what is most importance, is making sure that all your primary needs are covered for you and your family before you can attend to other needs which aren’t as important. To help you, we wanted to share some other areas which may be of interest to you and your family.

Keep a eye out for areas such as:

  • Restaurants & Cafe’s
  • Sports & Recreation Clubs
  • Health & Safety places (Police Stations, Fire Houses)
  • Local stores