Items Not To Pack On Your Move

Alot of the times, when a person thinks of furniture removals, the most common reaction or thought pattern is of a company moving the entire household items for a client to a new home. Involving every item in the home. Yes, this impression is 100% correct, as that is what furniture removal companies are there for, we are here to take the pressure off of you by moving all your household items.

But, did you know? There are some items, which a removal company will refuse to pack, as a matter of health and safety. Either they will recommend to the client that he/she needs to transport it themselves, or do the alternate route be disposing it. Its almost like wanting to transport fire crackers in your backpack on a plane, the airline hostesses will enforce that you dispose of them. As well, in this case you wouldn’t want to receive a call from the truck driver telling you that the truck burnt down, because of a flammable substance catching alight.

To give you a idea on which items we recommend you do not pack, below is a list of the high risk items which you will rather want to either dispose of or give it to someone who will be using it in the near future:

Hazardous / Dangerous Items

  • Petrol
  • Ammunition & Fire Arms
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Fireworks
  • Ammonia
  • Fertilizer
  • Hazardous Chemicals (Acid)
  • Chemistry Sets
  • Weed Killer
  • Explosives

The above items, is a simple list. We are sure by reading these, you get the drift where it is heading. Especially if you are moving long distance, do not try take chances, yes you may get lucky with nothing happening, but ask yourself “What If something does go wrong?”.

 Perishable Items

If you are planning to move a short distance, this point may not come into your hands, but if you are planning a long distance removal, we are speaking to you.

Keep a eye out for perishable items such as:

  • Food
  • Plants

A few days before or even a day before, make sure that you find a new home for your plants, and donate the food items to someone in need. You don’t want to take the risk by taking perishable items with you on your move, they will go off very quickly.


Valuable or Sentimental Items

Whilst you are packing prior to your removal, make sure that you put aside all items which are of high value to you, or are very sentimental to you.

Valuable or Sentimental Items Such as:

  • Files – Marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport and ID’s, financial documents, insurance papers.
  • Letters
  • Jewelry
  • Medicines
  •  Collectible Items
  • Computer external hard drives, USB’s or disks

If you are moving your computer, do make sure that you back up all your documents, and also whilst backing up, scan all your important documents which you can also back up on a USB or external hard drive.

In terms of the valuable and sentimental items, make sure that they are packed where you are able to access them easily and of course to keep a eye on them.