Moving In The Rain

Just recently in Johannesburg, South Africa there was a news report of a hailstorm with hail falling the size of golf balls. I do admit the sight of this must be quite entertaining as it falls to the ground, but the thought of those still outdoors during the storm, I can only imagine how they must be feeling.

Summer is renown to be amazing hot weather, but in some areas such as Johannesburg, when summer arrives, it not only brings warm sunny days, but rain, thunder and hail storms. So, since we are in summer mood, we thought of those whom are needing to move this time of the year, and how they can prepare their items from being damaged should there be a rain storm expected.

Especially when it rains, safety is priority, even if it means your removal may be delayed abit. Here are some tips to help you protect your items, should rain be expected:

1. Put the move on hold

Alot of removal companies out there will rather advise the client to delay the removal for the next day as a matter of health and safety. But, if you are in a scenario of the move already taking place, and a storm is approaching, immediatley approach the truck driver and advise him that a storm is approaching, either he will proceed with caution until the storm hits or will advise you that they will wait till the storm passes over. Last resort, he will come back the next day to finish off the removal. Make sure to ask the removal company, what actions are followed when a storm approaches.

2. Cover items

If you know of certain items or see items which can’t get wet, speak to the truck driver about using their wrapping or sleeves to cover your items from the rain, they may charge you additionally for it, but rather sacrifice the money and do it. Unless you are able to find some blankets or covers which you can cover the items.

Keep in mind, that when carrying boxes through the rain, not advisable. The boxes will fall apart, so make sure that either you have fully covered the boxes, or instead wait for the rain to pass.

3. Flooring

If you live in a home with tiled flooring or laminated flooring, you are at luck, as you won’t have to stress that much about the floor becoming dirty during the move, as well, you can clean it immediately. Our concern are homes with carpets, the chances of your carpet being clean after a move in the rain is 0%. Make sure that you create a walkway for the removals team to walk through to avoid making your carpets dirty.