Moving On A Hot Summer Day

Finally, summer is here! Woop Woop, as some of my closest friends would shout whilst dancing with joy because of the arrival of summer.

I do have to admit, I can finally pack all my “Eskimo” clothing away and say hello to summer clothing. Its a great time of year for almost everything, can do so much. But, although we celebrate that summer is here, alot of us can admit, when you get those odd days where the temperature hits a minimum 40 Degrees Celsius, you wish winter was back.

There is nothing we can do to change the weather, instead we can take some precautions to ensure we are safe. For those that will be moving, you may become lucky/unlucky with one scorcher of a day. To help you we have gathered some tips for you, to taking necessary precautions so that you and your family, the removals team and your pets are safe.


Most importantly, if you are still deciding what you feel is best for moving day, consider wearing:

  • Something lightweight and loose fitting  A great idea is to wear a comfortable pair of shorts and a golf shirt. Make sure that you don’t wear dark clothing, otherwise you will “cook”.
  • Most importantly, don’t wear slip slops. Yes, its very tempting, but you are putting yourself at risk for injury. Wear a closed shoe instead.
  • Especially in South Africa, the risk of skin cancer is high, make sure to visit your local store and purchase a reliable sunscreen.

Eat & Drink

  • Try to avoid drinks that will dehydrate you, a common drink to try to avoid is coffee,  caffeine related drinks and of course alcohol  Save the beers for later, when the tasks of moving are completed, thereafter you can down a few with your mates. 
  • Make sure that you have enough water or beverage to drink throughout the day. Keep them filled throughout the day.
  • When it comes to food, try to have fruit as this gives you natural energy throughout the day. Once you take a major break, consider having a bigger meal, pizza or hot dogs  does the trick.  Maintain having snacks throughout the day.

Your Pets

If you have animals, do make sure that you don’t forget about them throughout the day. If you aren’t able to put them in a lodge for the day so that your pets won’t become a distraction, make sure to find a area in your home where they can roam without being a disturbance. Every hpur or so, however you, check on your pets water bowls.

Keep in mind, that between 11am and 4pm, its regarded as the most hottest times throughout the day. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, and if you have children or elderly moving with you, allow them to do tasks inside the house.