Must Do List Before Moving into Your New Home

Must Do List Before Moving into Your New Home


Moving houses is a significant life event and just like most life milestones,

it usually yields the best experience if you are truly prepared for it.


Below is a list of the Things You Must Do Before Moving in a New House/Apartment.


Mentally Prepare yourself

  • Moving can be a stressful experience. So, in order to make sure things run smoothly, you need to plan your move in advance.
  • Try and schedule the transportation for your move a month to two months ahead, that way you can give ample notice to your current landlord/agent.


Paint and Paint Some More

  • Painting the walls and ceilings is one of the first things you will want to do because this is a messy and time-consuming process. It would be best to hire professionals to do this for you as they often can also fix minor wall damage. After all, it won’t make sense to simply paint over cracks and holes because a new coat of paint can often emphasize them.
  • If you’re on a tight schedule and have to move in soon, you can go for neutral colours that would work well with most of your furniture.
  • Another tip is to follow a theme for each room but still keeping it neutral. This will allow you to add more colour at a later stage.


Clean and Service

  • Cleaning and servicing is something that you should ideally do as soon as you bought your new home.
  • Inspect your geysers, pipes, valves and fittings.
  • Another pro tip is to ask your new neighbours about what service providers or companies they are using. This way, you’ll be able to find the best local providers and get to meet your new neighbours too!


Upgrade Switch Plates and Light Bulbs

  • Creating an inventory list will certainly help you keep track and record of your belongings.If you’re moving to an older home, chances are the switch plates are mismatched, dirty, cracked, or discolored. By replacing these small things, you can make your new home achieve better uniformity and feel cleaner. This can be done as a one-day DIY project or a few hours of a professional’s time.


Buy and Install Organisers

  • Moving in to a new home is an opportunity to get better storage and be better organised! Install new shelves, hooks, and maybe new cabinets too. Plan where your things will go before moving in to make your life easier. This goes beyond the kitchen and the bedroom. Make each room of your new home organised to make your new home even more enjoyable.



  • Your window’s have a huge impact on your home’s aesthetics and your privacy. Whether you go for temporary shades, cheap curtains, or a custom design, you will have to make sure that there’s something for your windows.


One Last General Clean Up

  • No matter whether the previous owner cleaned the house or not, a thorough cleaning before moving in your new home is necessary. Even better if you hire professional cleaners to do so. This is also the time to designate storage areas for cleaning supplies and maybe to buy new mops, brooms, buckets, and rugs. Clean the appliances too and make sure they are all running.


Change the Door Locks

  • Changing the door locks to bedrooms and exterior doors would be ideal. Even if you are pressed for time, changing the exterior door locks is something you can’t afford not to do. There’s no telling who have keys to the old locks so making sure that only you have keys to gain entry to your new home is a smart move.


Create an Inventory List for Yourself and Your Movers


    • Labelling your boxes will certainly help you identify your belongings when moving
    • Ensure you have enough packing materials for your move, you can never have enough.


    We hope these tips were helpful, Happy moving from the AFR Team