The Hottest Summer Moving Tips

Although we are still in the beginning of spring in South Africa, it only means one thing: Summer is coming around the corner. Its usually this time of the year where removals are on the increase.

Moving during the summer season has a few advantages:

  • The sun only sets at a much later time of the day.
  • Majority of the schools will be on holiday for the festive season, decreasing the flows of traffic in the mornings and evenings.
  • The weather is alot warmer, which allows you to wear clothing which are more comfortable.

If you are planning to move during this warmer season ahead of us, we have compiled some “HOT” tips for your move:

1. Book Early

  • Its highly advisable that you begin to make make a booking with a  removal company now, so that by the time December hits, you will have secured yourself a spot with the removal company. Summer time is always the most busiest time of the year for removals.
  • Don’t make the error of deciding to schedule a removal at the last second, as this may entail your move could only happen when they have the next available slot for you.
  • Try to schedule your move to occur during the less busiest time of the week.

2.  Clothing

  • Don’t make the mistake of wearing items which are too tight or lose, wear clothing which is comfortable to move in, and clothing which wont become a disturbance whilst you are having to carry items. 
  • Remember that whilst you are moving you will be literally running up and down and all over your home. Wear running/gaming shoes, as they will provide enough comfort. The reason why we say you mustn’t be barefooted or wear slops, is because you are running the risk of possibly hurting yourself. You wouldn’t want a hospital visit during your move, would you?

 3. Packing

  • Whilst packing ensure that you complete this task a few days prior to your scheduled removal. You would want to be prepared should anything unexpected happen.
  • To save alot of time, rather do the packing yourself. Visit the local supermarkets, sports shops or any other stores, and ask for the left over boxes, they are more than willing to share it with you.
  • Whilst packing, make sure that you are packing items which the heat won’t affect. If some items in your home can get easily damaged from the heat, try to pack them in your personal belongings if they are small enough to fit in.
  • Don’t overpack your boxes, rather pack them so that the items are securely packed and easily carried.

4. Food and Beverages

  • Although you are moving, visit your local store and purchase some refreshments and food. During the summer you will be needing as much energy as possible. 
  • Nothing pleases people more than food, especially after a hard days work in the heat. Think about the removal team, at the same time you are purchasing food and drinks for you and your family, why not also tip the removal team with food and drink. It will encourage them to work harder, and most importantly they will appreciate it.
  • Most importantly, hydration is of high importance during the move, make sure to have enough water, especially if its a scorcher of a day.

5. Children

  • With all respects to the parents, but what we have seen and heard during removals, if its a hot day, children can become a distraction and get highly bored during the move.
  • To keep them occupied during the move, consider hiring a babysitter to look after them for the duration of the move.
  • Alternatively, make a plan for the day for your children to spend the day at a day care facility or even better make a play date for them to spend the time with one of their closest friends.
  • Your child’s safety is of high importance, especially during the removal, you wouldn’t want to see your beloved child hurt during a move.
  • Most importantly, if you are able to, try to get your child involved in the move. Before the chaos of the moving day happens, try make a game where your child can do some small tasks to make them feel involved in the move.

6. Pets

  •  Try to arrange prior to your removal, that your pets aren’t at home during the move. Especially if you have dogs, they will become very territorial over your home, the chances of injuries occurring are very high.
  • Its understandable if you have smaller pets, such a cat to put them in a well ventilated room whilst the process of moving is occurring, they won’t be distracting. But, if you have dogs, rather be safe and put them in  kennel facility for the day or save some money and ask that a friend looks after your beloved pets.

Although we did mention in the beginning of this blog that schools are on holiday, meaning that there will be less traffic. You need to keep in mind that if you are going to be moving over a long weekend, be prepared for there will be a delay with the removal van getting to you as scheduled.

Moving is a very stressful experience, during any season. It’s important that you try to plan ahead and be prepared.