Tips To De-stress During Your Move

It doesn’t matter what scenario we are in, but one way or another we will end up coming face to face with stress. Which is commonly found in:

  • Moving
  • Death of a close relative or friend
  • Marriage
  • Becoming unemployed

Its guaranteed that as we mentioned in the beginning of the article, its one factor we will face everywhere. Although, we do tend to stress about many different things for various reasons, when it comes to moving, if you don’t learn to manage it well, things can go wrong very quickly.

To help you  manage your stress levels a little easier, we have gathered together some points you can use during your move. Keep in mind, that these points we will be sharing aren’t there to make the stress magically dissapear, instead we are offering advice to help you manage the situation as best as you can:


Organization is key, not only does it relate specifically to moving, but all other aspects of life. For your move its highly important that you make sure you plan your move well. We strongly recommend that you begin to start looking for removal quotations at least 12 weeks before your date you wish to move. This will give you enough time to compare quotes for your move, and once you have booked a removal company, you can take that burden off your moving checklist.

Once you have finalized a removal date, this is where you need to begin planning your move more in detail. Professionals highly recommend you work on a 8 week plan. These plans work magically, as it allows you to focus on each room/area individually.

Declutter Your Home

I can promise you, this point will be acknowledged by at least 90% of readers and people who have previously moved. Over time, we tend to buy items, thinking we will be using them, only to find a couple of years later the item has not being used. Its items like these you need to dispose of whilst packing.

Make 2 piles, one for items which you can throw away and the other a pile for items which can be re-used, in this case consider donating them to a local charity or hospice. If you find items which you are fond of, but you know its time to let go of them, follow your instinct and let go of these items.

Family And Friends

Don’t ever feel ashamed, that when the move becomes too overwhelming for you, that you’re too scared to ask for help from your friends and family. Rather play it safe, and call friends or family to ask if they can assist you with your removal. Remember, that this may be the last time you will have a chance to spend with your friends & family, use the opportunities and enjoy the time spent together.

As time comes closer to your scheduled move date, begin to enjoy the last moments in your home, take some quality time to spend with friends and family, enjoy the last few days of your neighborhood as well. Its always a great up lifter, especially when moving away to organize a farewell event with all your close friends and family. Yes, there will be tears, but “happy tears.

Go With Momentum

Always remember in the back of your mind that things can go wrong. For some, its a difficult decision to master as they want things to be done to their liking, which is wrong. You need to understand, you have no control over any decision. Before your moving day, do some research of possible scenarios which may occur during your move, gather the information and make a back up plan.

Having a back up plan, will give you a massive advantage in your move. At least you won’t have to stress that much, and it enables you to remain focused on the removal.

Don’t Forget To Rest, Eat & Drink

On the day of your removal, its important that you take regular intervals to drink some water, have a small snack. This will benefit you mentally and physically, as you’r body will be needing as much energy as possible.