What To Look Out For In A Storage Facility

Are you searching for a reliable storage facility?

If you look at the storage and removal industry in South Africa, you will notice that it is literally a gold field out there as you will find these sort of companies everywhere. specifically in terms of storage facilities, you do find alot of them, but some of the public are unsure as to finding a suitable facility for their items.

Its highly important that you find a storage facility which will match your requirements, you wouldn’t want to end off paying too much money for a small unit. To assist you we will be highlighting 5 key areas, which will assist you finding the perfect facility for your needs:

1. The Area

Whilst you are searching for a storage facility, make sure that its in the same area as you, if not the same area make sure that its in the surrounding areas. Especially with all the petrol hikes taking place, you’d want to use a facility which is close-by. Make sure to research storage facilities in your province, as alot of them have branches based all over South Africa.

2. Security

Out of these 5 factors, security is one of the most important factors you must take into consideration when looking for a secure storage facility. Imagine if your items had to be stolen out of your storage unit, you would not be too happy.

One way to identify if you are dealing with a reliable facility who is tight on security is by identifying if they offer 24 hour surveillance via CCTV cameras, security guards are always alert, and most importantly access to each unit is secure with reliable locking.

3. Size of the units

Its highly important that you are using a unit which all your items will fit in, and that its not too big or too small. Before you enquire for a unit, total up the volume you will b requiring for a unit. Don’t feel hesitant to ask for assistance. The agents from the storage companies can offer you the nest advice you will ever receive. Ideally, one way to know you are dealing with a great storage facility is what they offer, they offer a selection of unit sizes which one will match your requirements. Remember that if you take a additional unit there will be extra units. Make sure to have the correct volume for the correct unit.

4. The Price

When searching for a storage facility, one of the wisest moves you should do, is by comparing quotes with a few storage companies, not just one. Its the same as hiring a removal company, you want a suitable price to cover your move. Be very careful to not fall for the temptation of going for the cheapest rate, you may at a later stage find some hidden costs. Rather as each company for their terms and conditions, and read through it thoroughly to make sure there are no hidden costs.

A good storage company, will inform you of the costs you will be needing to pay, if there is any additional costs they will explain them to you directly.

5. Access Times

When looking at storage facilities, some people tend to forget about this, but look at the times they are open and closed. If you require to collect a item during the day, by noticing their hours you can arrange to collect during the times they are operational. Some facilities are very strict in terms of collecting items at different hours, so make sure that the facility you are using is flexible for its clients.