Winter Moving Tips

Its that time of the year again, where the seasons change. The northern hemisphere will begin to experience spring or summer, whilst the rest of us down in the southern hemisphere, now have the chance to experience winter.

There are many out there who are not that excited about winter, and there are others who are very excited. For some parts of South Africa, they will be experiencing the most common weather of pure coldness, whilst some other areas such as Cape Tow, experience their regular snow on the mountain ranges, the regular cold, and the rain. Yes you have read correctly, some coastal parts will be experiencing alot of rain coming through.

Winter is that time which will require everyone to begin unpacking all their “Eskimo” clothing. Then there are those who will sadly have to wait for that opportunity of unpacking, due to they are moving during this cold time of the year. Before the cold fronts approach, we have gathered some valuable points we wish to share with you how you can move during winter.

  • To protect yourself, others and your valuable, make the wise decision by hiring a removal company to assist with your move. Yes, it can be a little costly, but at the same time, these movers are trained, especially in these conditions. 
  • There will be days in winter, where the coldness will be unbearable, do yourself a favor and keep the heater out, keep it running during your move, so that not only you can remain warm, but also so that the removals can remain warm at the same time. Carrying items with frozen hands is a very unpleasant experience.
  • Keep a first aid bag handy, and a list of emergency contact numbers. Make sure that this is a priority for not only moves in winter, but for any move. Anything can happen during your move, be on the safe side, and have these ready just incase a situation arises.
  • Lastly,  one way which movers highly appreciate, and will motivate them to work harder, provide the movers with some hot chocolate. There will be moments where they will need to take a break, to take a breather, why not provide them with a hot beverage.

Some of you who are following our social media pages, such as Facebook. Would most probably have noticed, we published a article, relating to moving in the rain. Especially in Cape Town, when winter approaches, the rain follows with.

Alot of Capetonians, are not really the biggest of fans of the cold, as they prefer being out in the hot summer weather all day. Yet, such as one of our staff members, its that time of the year when the surfers come out from their hibernation. Guaranteed, Cape Town will experience some of the best waves this time of the year. But before we get carried away. There will be some clients who decide to move during winter, only to be confronted on the day with rain, we have some tips to share with you too:

  • Safety is priority in this case, especially when the rain gets worse. Create a area by the entrance to your home, where the removals guys/ladies are able to dry off their feet to prevent any marking or slipping in your home. 
  • For your beds, before moving day, make sure that all bases and mattresses are covered in sleeves or even wrapped. This will prevent any damage from the rain and whilst its in the trailer.
  • With the electronics, make sure that the larger items such as TV’s are either packed in their original boxes, or purchase some bubble wrapping to prevent any unnecessary damages to them.
  • To help you and the movers, try to move all the items to rooms closer to the front entrance to your home, as this will help quicken the process, a great place to store alot of items such as boxes, is the garage.
  • Make sure that you have no plans or arrangements on the day of moving. Due to the rain the truck can be delayed, make sure to take off the whole day, in case this should happen. Moving in the rain is a much slower process compared to moving on a summers day.